Two Chicks

Two Chicks

Two Chicks Liquid Egg White.

Two Chicks Free Range Egg White 500g is a convenient and innovative free range liquid egg white created by Anna and Alla. Prior to the launch of Two Chicks, liquid egg white was never widely available unless you went through the hassle of splitting whole eggs yourself.

What is liquid egg white?

Liquid egg white is the yellow coloured liquid from egg whites and the perfect health Food. Many celebrities or sports professionals use liquid egg white to stay in shape, adding it to receipes such as a ‘skinny’ egg white omelette. Liquid egg white is fat and Cholesterol free, low in carbohydrates & GI, and is an excellent source of protein too!

So what’s wrong with egg yolk?

Egg yolk contains all the fat and cholesterol in the egg, but as we now know, the white does not. So if reducing these things in your diet is your objective then consuming just the white is certainly a better choice for you.

How long does Two Chicks Liquid Egg White last?

Two Chicks Free Range Egg White has a shelf life of around 4 weeks from purchase and keeps for 7 days after opening, meaning you never have to waste time separating eggs again. The product can be frozen too, on the day of purchase, for up to 2 years.

Can Two Chicks Liquid Egg White be whisked?

Yes, however, if you have chosen to freeze your Two Chicks Free Range Egg White, once defrosted it will reduce the whisking properties of the egg white. Also, it is important to make sure that your whisking bowl and whisk are grease free.

I'm a pregnant woman. Can I consume Two Chicks Free Range Egg White?

Yes. Two Chicks Free Range Egg White is pasteurised and safe for women during Pregnancy because the pasteurisation process kills all the bacteria.

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