Tobia Teff

Tobia Teff

Tobia Teff: Nutritious, tasty & filled with filling flavour.

Tobia Teff UK Limited are a family-run business and the first Ethiopian-British business to introduce Teff to the UK market. This truly an ancient grain is believed to have been grown by the people of Ethiopia over 6000 years ago, who continue to eat it to this day as a vital part of their diet.

Tobia Teff UK Ltd believe ardently in the nutritional value of this ancient grain, and their main purpose is to make this remarkable product more readily available across the world via their products below. They also believe that sourcing healthy products should also keep our planet healthy so Tobia Teff only use compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout their product line.

Where is Tobia Teff made?

All Tobia Teff products are handmade and packed in a humble workshop in North West London.

How healthy is Teff?

Teff is a true Superfood that contains Iron, Calcium and a multitude of other essential Minerals, which all combine to help promote a healthier Body. It also contains plenty of Digestion improving fibre and protein. In the 21st century, the western world is slowly catching on to the numerous health benefits of this healthy grain, though it’s taken some time! 

What does teff taste like?

Teff is a fine grain that has light and dark varieties. And while they do not differ significantly, chemically or structurally in their compositions, all specific and unique characteristics of type of teff make it an excellent basis for daily Food products

Is Teff gluten free?

Yes! Teff is widely recognised as one of the best forms of bread for coeliac disease sufferers and for those with wheat intolerances, as it’s completely Gluten Free.

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