Tipson Tea

Tipson Tea: Your wellness in a cup!

Drawing inspiration from the well publicised nutritional and functional benefits of fruits, Herbs & Spices, Tipson Tea provides a selection of unique and flavourful experiences, straight to your cup!

Who owns tipson tea?

Gamini Abeywickrama is the mastermind behind this premium Tipson Tea brand.

What does collagen tea do?

Tipson Organic Beauty Collagen Booster Tea - 25 Bags may reduce the ageing process whilst improving the natural appearance of your Skin.

What tea is good for your hair?

You may wish to try Tipson Organic Beauty Healthy Hair Tea - 25 Bags.

What tea is good for balance?

Tipson Organic Beauty Inner Balance Tea - 25 Bags may restore the natural order of your Body by balancing your hormones and reducing the symptoms of Fatigue.

When should I drink slimming tea?

The best time to consume Tipson Organic Beauty Shape Up Tea - 25 Bags may be two hours before or after a main meal. This is because it contains the active ingredient Green Tea, which encourages the body's metabolism to be more efficient and therefore interacts with the absorption of foods.

Why should I choose Tipson?

Tipson Teas aren’t just delicious. These teas (below) put the strength of Mother Nature into your cup. With better quality packaging and ingredients, delectable taste profiles, and unique product flavours & blends, buy tipson tea online at Natures Healthbox and replenish your body with simple teas steeped in 5,000 years of tradition.

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