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The Woolfs Kitchen

The Woolfs Kitchen

The Woolfs Kitchen - Wildly delicious condiments

Inspired by Thai roots and made in London, our selection of The Woolfs Kitchen Condiments are feisty, spicy, sweet and tangy! You can use The Woolfs Kitchen to pimp your prawns, big up your burritos or kick your stir-fries right in the noodles.

Who are The Woolfs Kitchen?

Dominique Woolf is the owner of UK based The Woolf’s Kitchen, which produces a collection of condiments and gourmet sauces. Being half-Thai, the once singer-songwriter has always had a love of spicy condiments and sauces, stating that she was 'practically weaned on sweet chilli'. Dominique launched The Woolf’s Kitchen at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a range of versatile, spicy condiments that are just as delicious with cheese toasties as they are with tacos.

What is The woolf's kitchen Tamarind Ketchup?

The Woolfs Kitchen Tamarind Ketchup 150ml is a rather addictive sauce and a great all round condiment. You can pour it on grilled salmon or barbecued meats, drizzle it on noodles and stir-fries, or dollop it on sausage & burgers.

Is there a vegan paste?

Yes! You may wish to consider The Woolfs Kitchen Nam Prik Pow Paste 190ml, The Woolfs Kitchen Umami Bang Paste 190ml or The Woolfs Kitchen Firecracker Paste 190ml.