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The Coconut Company

The Coconut Company

The Coconut Company: Nuts about Coconuts.

Our range of The Coconut Company UK products celebrate all that’s awesome about our favourite tropical friend. They’ve been blending, drying, fermenting and grinding coconuts since 2014. 

Who is The Coconut Company?

The Coconut Company is nutty about coconuts. With well-established operations in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, The Coconut Company works very closely with farmer cooperatives and food processors to ensure that their raw, natural and organic products are of the very best quality. With no artificial additives, flavouring or preservatives, The Coconut Company’s stunning range of organic, vegan approved and Fairtrade coconut produce has been specifically manufactured to give you Food as nature intended.

Where do coconuts grow naturally?

The Coconut Company UK Ltd sources their lovely coconuts primarily from The Philippines, but we also purchase from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.  The Coconut Company visits every supplier to check the working and factory conditions before purchasing anything, to ensure they meet their Ethical Sourcing Policy.  We are proud to know that The Coconut Company works with a number of suppliers who are changing their local communities by investing revenue back into community projects.  

Why should I choose The Coconut Company?

The Coconut Company provides a fabulous range of coconut products, including coconut flour, Dairy Free coconut milk powder, and a range of naturally fermented Coconut vinegar and tangy coconut amino sauces. There’s no doubting the coconut is the star of the show, however The Coconut Company is not just about the tasty good stuff. Their ethics are pretty delicious too. Working with certified producers and farmer cooperatives in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, combined with their busy sourcing office in Hong Kong, The Coconut Company cares about the people and the coconut, from tree to plate.