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The Berry Company

The Berry Company

The Berry Company

The Berry Company is Europe's fastest growing Drinks company, with distribution in over thirty countries worldwide. In 2007 The Berry Company was voted best new drinks brand in Europe!

Whether it's their range of low sugar Juices or 'berrylicious' kids products, The Berry Company are always on the lookout for new berries, Teas and flavours that will always keep them one 'berry large' step ahead.

Why Stevia?

The Berry Company's range of not from concentrate juice drinks contain a particular berry juice, with other Ingredients, which are then lightly sweetened with stevia leaf extract as an alternative to sugar to keep calorie levels low. Stevia extracts have several unique properties such as long shelf life, a high temperature tolerance, and also contain many Vitamins and Minerals that are selectively absent in artificial sweeteners.

Make it a BERRY good day...

The Berry Company is committed to making every day, a berry good day! Through ethical sourcing, Fairtrade and a commitment to delivering taste & goodness, they are doing their part today to make sure that tomorrow is an even better day. Their juicy innovations are free from artificial preservatives, flavourings, GMOs, lactose and Dairy, and are also a rich vegetarian friendly source of Vitamin C.