Synergy Natural

Synergy Natural

Synergy Natural: Certified Organic Australian Superfoods.

Synergy Natural is an Australian based distributor of high quality green Superfoods, which nurture true health and wellbeing. Unlike most other brands, all Synergy Natural’s products whether in powder or tablet form are 100% pure without binders, additives or excipients, and are also flushed with nitrogen to keep out the most damaging substance to dried, natural plant ingredients, which is oxygen.

Where is Synergy Natural's Spirulina from?

Synergy Natural Spirulina is grown on a remote sub-tropical Pacific Island. This is the only environmentally protected spring-fed Spirulina in the world. With fresh water being the medium on these micro algae grows, this is one of the most important factors in determining its quality and purity.

Where is Synergy Natural's Chlorella from?

Synergy Natural Chlorella is also grown in natural spring water on a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean using certified organic plant material as a food source. With ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certification, you can be sure that every step of the process from the growing to the packing is carefully undertaken without any exposure to man-made chemicals.

What makes Synergy Natural better than other Wheat or Barley Grass?

Synergy Natural Barley Grass and Synergy Natural Wheat Grass are grown organically (i.e. without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) in open fertile soils. A premium process is used to preserve the nutritional content of the grass and capture the live enzymes. This involves low temperature warm air drying and milling into powder form. As a result, Synergy Natural cereal products retain much the same benefits of a live Food.

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