Superfood Bakery

Superfood Bakery

Are you excited about baking delicious, healthy food?

These days, our lives are punctuated by Food and celebrated with it, too. However, finding food that is healthy and tastes good can often prove difficult but fear not for the Superfood Bakery have bridged this gap with Energy boosting pancakes, spirit lifting Cookies and delicious Raw Protein balls. As devout foodies, the Superfood Bakery are more than confident that their super selection of simple to use Baking mixes (below) will cater for you and your families needs. And the best part is you can make all of these in your Kitchen, with most recipes requiring a small amount of ingredients, no electrical equipment (a good ol’ fashioned wooden spoon will do) and can go from box to baked in under 30 minutes!

What are the shelf life of Superfood Bakery products?

The shelf life of Superfood Bakery products is one year.

Are Superfood Bakery products organic?

Superfood Bakery Morning Dreamers Pancake Mix 200g and Superfood Bakery Joy Makers Brownie Mix 287g are actually certified organic, while Superfood Bakery Glow Makers Oat & Cranberry Cookie Mix 280g and Superfood Bakery Spirit Lifters Chocolate Cookie Mix 245g contain organic ingredients where possible.

Is the Superfood Bakery vegan?

Superfood Bakery Raw Bliss Balls 168g are completely vegan, and with a little bit of thought all of the other Superfood Bakery mixes can be made vegan too!

Is the Superfood Bakery gluten & dairy free?

Yes! All Superfood Bakery products are both Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Do Superfood Bakery mixes contain refined sugars?

No! All Superfood Bakery products are refined sugar-free. Raw Coconut Sugar is used instead, and less of it!

Why should I choose the Superfood Bakery?

The Superfood Bakery's range of all-natural Superfood baking mixes will make you feel good about yourself and warm on the inside because they are quite simply delicious. What's more, these Gluten Free Baking mixes are only made using the good stuff, which means you won't find any of the nasties like artificial ingredients, preservatives or hidden sugars in them.

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