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Spice Pots

Spice Pots

Spice Pots: 100% Natural spice blends to transform your cooking.

Imagine being able to consistently create your favourite Indian curry at home, with no hassle and no fuss. Well now you can with Spice Pots a convenient short cut to those who want to eat healthy, tasty Indian-inspired Food.

Spice Pots are perfectly balanced spice blends and refreshingly simple recipes to make life easier in the Kitchen for any budding chef. These 100% natural blends are free from Salt and Sugar and make for a very easy way to add flavour to a number of different home-cooked dishes.

How do you use spice pots?

Spice Pots are very handy to have in your cupboard, and you can use them in a number of ways. You can add them to soups, salads, samosas, pakoras or use them as part of a simple curry recipe.

What’s the difference between the Spice Pot blends?

All Spice Pot blends have a different flavour and a different heat.

Can I use my Spice Pot in a slow cooker?

Yes! Spice Pots recipes work well in the slow cooker.

Are Spice Pots gluten free?

Yes! These ambient blends are Gluten Free, nut free, vegan and can also be used as part of a keto or low fodmap diet.

I've finished my Spice Pot. Can I recycle the product packaging?

Yes, absolutely! Spice Pot blends are packed in cute little steel tins, which are infinitely recyclable, and cardboard that can be easily recycled. Even the labels are compostable!