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Small & Wild

Small & Wild

A happy herbal tea for kids created by mums.

Small & Wild's award-winning Herbal Tea has been carefully crafted to perfectly suit your little ones' sensitive tummies and taste buds. Created by two mums with a love for Tea, Small & Wild is full of brilliant ingredients inspired by the wild, carefully placed into large, biodegradable, pyramid bags so all the yummy flavours are easily released.

Are herbal teas okay for children?

Herbal teas, such as Small & Wild, is a great way for children to stay healthy and hydrated. They are delicious in flavour without any of the additives and sweeteners that are sometimes found in many of the kid friendly, sugar-free drinks. Herbal teas are also naturally very low in Sugar, with none added whatsoever, so is a great option for parents who are looking to cut down on their children’s juice and sugar consumption.

So Small & Wild tea is sugar free, right?

There is absolutely no added sugar in Small & Wild tea. However, a small amount of naturally occurring sugar is present in each Small & Wild product from the fruits found in each blend.

At what age can my child enjoy Small & Wild teas?

Small & Wild tea is suitable for consumption from the age of twelve months onwards.

How do I prepare a Small & Wild tea for my child?

Simply pop a Small & Wild tea bag into your kids favourite cup, fill with two thirds freshly boiled water, top up with one third cold water and brew for at least three minutes. Remember to always ensure you check the temperature of the tea before giving it to your child.

Is Small & Wild tea vegan & vegetarian friendly?

Yes! All Small & Wild blends are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Does Small & Wild tea contain caffeine?

No. Small & Wild tea is naturally caffeine-free.

Why should I buy Small & Wild herbal tea?

All of the ingredients used in Small & Wild teas are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers around the world and hand blended and packed in the UK. This means that every ingredient in Small & Wild tea can be traced back to source and our manufacturer is SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved). The teabags, tags and strings used for each tea are fully bio-degradable too, so if you have a composter or your council collects food waste, you can put them there.