Sizl Spices

Sizl Spices

Sizl - A practical range of heady spices

Sizl are involved in every step of the production process, when it comes to making their range of heady Spices. With farmers in the fields, specially selected suppliers and the final product that ends up in your Kitchen, these spices are designed to make your life sizzle every day not gather dust in cupboards. Presented in stackable, easy-to-store containers, Sizl Spices features wide lids for measuring spoons and even include windows that tell you when you’re running low!

Are Sizl spices vegan?

Sizl spices are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians alike.

Who is their target audience?

Sizl is a brand for passionate people who are passionate cooks. They may believe that the exotic can be everyday, and with the right ingredients, can inspire them with fresh cooking ideas and fearless possibilities in their very own kitchens.

What are dessert spices?

The Sizl Sweet Spice Dessert Blend 75g is a spicy product made to make your cakes, bakes and desserts sparkle.

What Sizl spices do chefs use?

While she may not be a chef in every sense of the word, Mallika Basu is a London Evening Standard columnist and the author of 2 popular Indian cookbooks: Miss Masala (Harper Collins, 2010) and Masala (Bloomsbury, 2018). Mallika understands the challenge of modern day lifestyles, which is why she not only uses Sizl Spices but works with Sizl to ensure each and everyone of there products truly work for your own, home-made recipes.

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