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Schuessler offer a high quality range of tissue salts; homeopathically prepared Minerals which support the healing processes in the body by regulating mineral levels in the cells. Mineral salts may well be present in our Food, yet they often do not end up where they are actually needed, in our body. A deficiency or an imbalance of these vital minerals may lead to cell or even organ dysfunction. 

Dr. Schüssler tissue salt minerals are are prepared in a way which makes them easily available for all the cells in the Body. At the end of the 19th century, the German physician Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler developed a therapeutic system based on a total of twelve mineral salts, for which he named the 'functional substances'. This is because these mineral salts perform essential functions in the body and are suitable for treating various ailments.

Schuessler tissue salts do not need to be broken down in the Digestive tract before being assimilated, which allows them to be extremely effective. They are non-toxic and are considered safe to use, with no recognised side-effects or interactions with any other medications.