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Rakusen's: Healthy water crackers since 1900.

Rakusen's Crackers are the perfect healthy snack, made with simple ingredients. They are ideal for those looking for tasty foods which are low in fat, Sugar and Salt, or free-from dairy, lactose and Nuts.

What do Rakusen's crackers taste like?

Rakusen's entire range of crackers are flame-baked to a traditional recipe, giving each bite a unique but subtle nutty flavour.

Do Rakusen's crackers contain palm oil?

Yes! Like Rakusen's crackers, palm oil is an essential ingredient in all sorts of products, from Food and Drink to Cosmetics and Detergents. It’s the thing that makes your ice cream smooth & delicious, and gives your pizza dough a better texture. All the palm oil used in Rakusen's crackers is certified as sustainable by the RSPO . 

When it comes to Rakusen's, palm oil helps create a cracker that tastes great and is available as a Gluten Free option too!

Is Rakusen's vegetarian friendly?

Yes! While Rakusen's began as provider of kosher foods to the Jewish community, today their range of products can serve those living a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free lifestyle.

Why should I choose Rakusen's?

Over the years, Rakusen's have expanded their range beyond crackers to include products such as Rakusen's Vegan Water Biscuits 150g while continuing to develop their core product to adapt to the modern snacking market. But, while their product range may have changed, Rakusen's core aim has not, and never will.