Prodigy Snacks

Prodigy Snacks

Prodigy Snacks: Chocolate without compromise.

Prodigy Snacks heralds a natural revolution in snacking with the release of their cleverly crafted Chocolate Snacks, which use ingredients that do you good, and not harm. Prodigy have taken a lot of the bad stuff out of chocolate and replaced it with the best in raw, organic, and nutrient-rich ingredients such as Lucuma, Prebiotics, and Baobab.

Are the chocolate snack bars vegan?

Yes! All Prodigy Snacks are vegan approved.

Are the chocolate bars dairy free?

Yes! All the chocolate bars are Dairy Free, and also Gluten Free too!

What about the packaging? Is it plastic free?

Yes! All Prodigy Snacks are presented in plastic free packaging. Each product is packaged in wrapping made from plant-based materials which are compostable, if disposed of correctly.

Why should I choose Prodigy Snacks?

Prodigy Snacks have defined the seemingly impossible, with an intense mastery of good sugars and a craft that blends convention. Refined sugars and Energy slumps are out and nutrient rich ingredients are in - all without comprising everything we all love about a good chocolate bar. Remarkably pure, with the added wonder of natural ingredients. Every chunk will blow you away. Behold, chocolate without compromise!

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