Pri's Puddings

Pri's Puddings

Pri's Puddings: A decadent healthier alternative to dessert.

Enjoying sweet treats shouldn’t be something we have to refrain, which is why Pri's Puddings combine the simplest wholefood ingredients to create a decadent healthier alternative to regular Cakes, Desserts & Puddings. If you have an uncontrollable sweet-tooth and are looking for healthy Snacks to bake, you’re certainly in the right spot!

Are Pri's Puddings gluten free?

Yes! The entire selection of Pri's Puddings (below) are suitable for Gluten Free diets.

Are Pri's Puddings vegan?

Yes! Because of the surging necessity for plant-based recipes these days, Pri's Puddings offer some of the most delicious vegan treats around.

Are Pri's Puddings sugar free?

Yes! As there are major health concerns regarding the excessive consumption of Sugar, all of Pri's Puddings are refined sugar free.

I have a food intolerance. Can I eat Pri's Puddings?

Yes! Regardless of intolerances, dietary preferences or lifestyle choices, Pri’s Puddings offer creative, indulgent and healthy treats that cater for all Food intolerances.

Will I find any additives or preservatives in Pri's Puddings?

No! Pri's Puddings encourage a natural and sustainable lifestyle without the use of additives, preservatives or refined ingredients.

Why should I choose Pri's Puddings?

If you like the idea of Baking without too much sugar, and have a desire for transparency you should certainly consider Pri's Puddings. Made with love and a maximum of five wholefood & 100% natural ingredients, you will surely come back for one more taste!

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