Positivitea: Herbal Teas Blended With Balance in Mind.

Positivitea is a range of seven delicious herbal teas that are based on the ancient Indian healing system of the 'Chakras' (the energy centres of the body). By harnessing the healing power of Herbs each Tea within the Positivitea range has been specifically blended to help the smooth running of the organs associated with a particular chakra or counteract the ailments associated with its imbalance. Keep your MindBody and spirit healthy & happy wth Positivitea!

Is Positivitea vegan & vegetarian?

Yes! All Positivitea blends are both vegetarian and vegan friendly

Is Positivitea organic?

Most of Positivitea's ingredients are organic but they are unable to claim 100% organic certification as some of the small farmers they work with cannot afford the costly application process required to officially state this. All Positivitea blends are however SALSA certified and completely free from pesticide residues.

Is Positivitea biodegradable?

Yes! Positivitea tea bags are made of biodegradable GMO-free corn starch and can be used around three times due to the strength & volume of ingredients.

Positivitea: Summary.

It's fair to say that Positivitea is more expensive than traditional ‘supermarket’ teas but if you're looking for a fine quality tea pick-me-up, then it's hard to look past this exquisite selection of some the finest teas from around the world.

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