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Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt

Pooch and Mutt dog food: Helping dogs lead happy, healthy lives.

Pooch & Mutt offer a range of good Mood food and Supplements for dogs. Made with fresh natural ingredients, these delicious range of dog foods & treats encourage a healthy Mind and Body, helping pooches live their very best lives!

Who are Pooch & Mutt?

Pooch & Mutt was launched in 2008 with a range of two health supplements for dogs that sold well and built up a good reputation for the company, both nationally and internationally. They grew gradually, slowly expanding their range to four supplements, and in early 2013 Pooch & Mutt launched a range of seven healthy Pooch and Mutt treats, which were hugely popular here in the UK. Since then, Pooch & Mutt dog food has done extremely well for itself in the last few years, having been short-listed at the Grocer Awards and winning gold for it's the packaging design at The European Design Awards.

Where is Pooch and Mutt made?

Pooch & Mutt dried foods are sourced and made in the Czech Republic, using free run chicken & turkey. Pooch & Mutt wet foods are sourced locally from family-run farms in Spain, where procedures include audits to suppliers to verify on site the full observance of EC regulations regarding quality, food safety, environment & animal welfare.

Is grain free dog food better for your dog?

Pooch and Mutt grain free dog food is presented in a selection of complete, grain-free foods including wet and dry. As every dog is different, there should be a product that best suits your dog from the following;

  • Wet foods - There are 4 Pooch & Mutt wet foods available that contain fresh meat, fruits & vegetables. Each wet food is also presented in a TetraPak carton packaging, which is 100% recyclable with 80% less co2 emissions than a conventional can.
  • Functional foods - There are 4 Pooch & Mutt functional foods, which are all based on a single source of protein. Each food helps with a specific health concern common to many dogs.
  • Superfoods - There are 3 Pooch & Mutt superfoods, which are designed to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are free-from grains, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Is Pooch and Mutt a good dog food for puppies?

Yes! All Pooch & Mutt dog foods are suitable for puppies, however Pooch & Mutt Puppy Complete Superfood for puppies is generally recommend, unless your puppy has specific health conditions that you would like to address.

Which is the best grain free dog food UK?

As one of the UK's best Pooch and Mutt dog food stockists, we think Pooch & Mutt is certainly a worthy contender, making healthy dog foods with absolutely nothing to hide. They understand the journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog so they're transparent about what goes into their products. Harnessing the power of positive nutrition in each & everyone of their recipes, Pooch & Mutt cut out the junk you'll find in mass market dog food products and bring you a far healthier alternative.