Plamil Foods

Plamil Foods

Plamil Foods: More than just a 'food 'brand'.

Plamil Foods are more than just another 'food brand', and passionately produce a range of foods made to the highest standards possible. Working tirelessly within their own factory ensures that Plamil Foods have full control over every aspect of production, and know what is both in and not in all of their products. With nutrition, ethics and the environment high on the company agenda, Plamil Foods have pioneered and paved the way for plant based Food since the early 1960's, making them one of the longest-running plant-based business in Great Britain.

What types of foods can I expect to find within the Plamil range?

Plamil Foods produce a range of products including luxury mini Chocolate bars and ‘free from’ products which are ideal for those seeking specific foods for ethical, religious or allergy reasons.

What types of ingredients will I find in Plamil Foods?

There are no hidden ingredients or processing aids with Plamil Foods, many ingredients are either organic or fairtrade. The ingredients on the label are what you get, nothing more.

Are Plamil Foods vegan friendly?

All Plamil Food products are made to the highest Vegan standards, production is SALSA certified too. Plamil is also certified by organisations such as Fairtrade Foundation, Soil Association, UTZ and Kosher.

Why should I choose Plamil Foods?

Plamil Foods believe their consumer base is entitiled to enjoy food to it's fullest, knowing that every care is taken whilst in production, but also have complete assurance about both the purity of ingredients that goes in to making their products. They recognise the importance in the strict controls required for those that want to avoid ingredients, but we also understand that these ingredients can be an important and nutritional food source for other people. With an extensive selection of organic, Dairy Free, egg free and no added sugar products, Plamil Foods truly offer something for everyone’s taste!

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