Phynova: Health, well-being & fitness since 2002.

Phynova is a life science company that started in 2002 as a pure drug development company researching and developing prescription drug candidates from plants with known medicinal properties. It later broadened its focus to include the development of natural functional ingredients, and recently became the first company to receive a MHRA licence for a traditional herbal product based on Chinese medicine; Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief Tablets 60 Tablets.

Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief is an over-the-counter (OTC) drug approved in the UK for the relief of minor sports injuries, backache, rheumatic or Muscular Pains, general aches & pains in the muscles and joints based on long-standing use as traditional remedy. It is the first traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) licensed under the THMP directive in Great Britain.

What type of pain do I have?

  • Backache: is a feeling of soreness, stiffness or tension in the lower back. Back pain is usually caused by strained ligaments or muscles, and can limit movement, making it difficult & uncomfortable.
  • Joint & Rheumatic Pain: symptoms of rheumatic and joint pain may include tenderness, Inflammation, swelling & redness of the Joint. As the condition progresses sufferers might notice a loss of range of motion or flexibility accompanied by extreme Fatigue, lack of Energy and weakness.
  • Muscle Pain: is caused by tension, Stress or physical activity and can affect any muscle in the Body including the neck, back, and leg. Muscle pain can restrict a sufferers activities due to the discomfort, however this is often not too debilitating.
  • Minor Sports Injuries: it is often several hours after Sports, before a participant notices pain, such as swelling, bruising, tenderness, and restricted movement or stiffness in the affected areas. 


Sigesbeckia extract 500mg is the active ingredient in Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief. This medicinal plant (Sigesbeckia orientalis) grows natively in China and has been used traditionally for pain relief for more than 600 hundred years.

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