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OMGTea: Extraordinary Matcha tea for extraordinary lives.

In today's modern world, extraordinary lives are full-on, chaotic and sometimes challenging for the people who lead them. With this in mind OMGTea has come up with a selection of extraordinary Matcha Green Tea products to match, which are made from the very best Japanese matcha leaves.

What is Matcha?

Consumed for over 800 years, Matcha is the champagne of Green Tea and translated from Japanese, means “powdered tea”. In fact, it was the Japanese Samurai warriors who turned to Matcha before battle, as they believed it provided them with a long lasting Energy boost and an ability to promote a state of relaxed awareness.

Like all teas, Matcha comes from Camelia Sinesis plant but the way it is cultivated and processed is what makes it so special. High quality matcha gives a sense of well-being and provides a natural boost for hours, whilst also reducing the desire to snack & seek short term energy boosters like Coffee.

Where do OMGTea source their Matcha from?

OMGTea is grown in Kagoshima in Southern Japan, a province that is a leader in organic farming. Unlike other green teas, matcha cultivation involves shading the plants with Bamboo 3-4 weeks before harvesting. This process boosts the nutrient levels of matcha to extraordinary levels.

Does Matcha help you lose weight?

Matcha is an effective blood-sugar regulator so you should not feel hungry after drinking it. If you are not interested in its Slimming & Weight Loss benefits, OMGTea recommend consuming their products after eating.

What's the best time to drink Matcha tea?

There is no right or wrong time to drink OMGTea Matcha, which is reflected in their vast selection of products. For example, OMGTea AAA + Grade Organic Matcha 30g give you a gentle lift first thing in the morning, while OMGTea AAA Grade Single Serve Organic Matcha Sachets are ideal for a mindful approach to that mid-day meeting at work. And if you're not a fan of matcha tea or simply require a calorie burning boost for your workout, you may wish to consider OMGTea Organic Matcha Capsules.

Is it ok to drink matcha on an empty stomach?

Some people may find OMGTea matcha a little intense on an empty stomach, so it is advised to eat a small snack before drinking it.

Why should I choose OMGTea?

These days we are living longer than ever before, but for many of us that extended life could be spent fighting diseases and living with pain & suffering.  Ageing is the biggest risk factor for the major diseases facing society today, such as dementia and heart disease to name but a few. By choosing OMGTea, not only will you be making your life better but through The Healthy Life Foundation you will also be helping to fund ongoing ground breaking scientific & medical research into age-related diseases with each & every purchase.