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Olivers Cupboard

Olivers Cupboard

Oliver’s Cupboard - Flavoursome food for adventurous babies

Oliver’s Cupboard is full of organic and flavoursome ingredients, which are ideal for making interesting and nutritious balanced meals with. Inspired by today's diverse and fascinating world, these recipes come from countries steeped in tradition but are yet very much a part of our everyday modern lives.

What do they make?

They provide babies with recipes that help them travel around the world, bringing adventure and diversity home to their parent’s Kitchen cupboards.

What makes Oliver's Cupboard stand out?

Oliver’s Cupboard is all about being included, it’s about learning about different communities through food and creating a Food industry that is together, diverse and inclusive. This Organic Baby Food brand is about weaning, heritage and storytelling through the generations. 

How did the Oliver’s Cupboard brand start?

The brand was founded by mother Sadia Ahmed in October of 2021, when during her own weaning journey her baby boy, she soon noticed that her local grocery store aisles were bland, boring and lacking in any of the diverse flavours that she wanted to feed to her son. Being of British/Bangladeshi origin, Sadia grew up enjoying lots of flavours in our food. She raised on home-cooked food because her mum couldn’t find Halal baby food, or anything with diverse flavours, so she had to make everything from scratch. On this fateful shopping trip, Sadia saw a significant gap in the baby food market and set out to create an inclusive Halal baby food brand with tiny tummies in mind.

Who is Oliver's Cupboard’s target audience?

Oliver’s Cupboard is a baby food brand that is for all parents, not just the select few. The range of flavours have universal appeal and give all parents the chance to introduce their little ones to a world of flavours at a vital stage in their lives.