Ogilvy's: The delight of pure raw honey.

Ogilvy’s bring you exciting honey’s from all over the world with flavours as unique as the countries they come from. The range includes 6 British honey’s from key locations in the UK and another 6 honey’s from remote locations around the world, such as the Himalayas, Brazil & New Zealand.

Who are Ogilvy’s?

Ogilvy’s source and import premium honey from around the world. Founded by Shamus Ogilvy (the 'Honey Hunter'), Ogilvy’s work directly with beekeepers to ensure that their rare and unusual honey’s are fully traceable and organically certified by the Soil Association.

Where are the ingredients for Ogilvy’s British honeys sourced from?

Ogilvy’s British honeys are sourced from key locations in Kent, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk and the Glens of Angus in Scotland.

My Ogilvy's raw honey has become crystallized, has it gone off?

No! This is simply a sign that Ogilvy's honey is a genuine raw honey, which has not been filtered or processed. Crystallization occurs when the tiny particles of pollen, propolis and wax in honey act as an anchor for the crystals to form around. These aforementioned particles are contained in raw honey's which have not been filtered or heat treated.

I like my honey's runny, which Ogilvy's honey should I choose?

If you like your honey runny, then check out the delicious Ogilvy's Raw British Orchard Honey 240g.

Why should I choose Ogilvy's?

If you're wanting to refine your taste for pure, raw un-blended honey's then you should really look no further than the exciting varieties (below) Ogilvy's have to offer. Unlike regular honey brands, Ogilvy's is an innovative, single–origin honey, whereby the only blending is done by the bees themselves. Ogilvy's natural harvesting methods ensure that the bees are protected and all the beneficial enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals of the honey are retained.

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