Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea: Celebrating People, The Planet & Premium Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea inspires well-being of Mind, Body and spirit through the simple art of Tea. Through creativity, authenticity and commitment to people and the planet, Numi offer you the purest, and best-tasting organic tea around.

Why are Numi Tea's organic?

Choosing organic not only preserves the earth's resources and protects the health of the farmers, but ensures that what is going into your body is 100% natural, and made the way nature intended. Since Numi use real Ingredients and high-quality teas & Herbs, there is no need to apply 'natural' flavourings or fragrances to create flavour. Numi Tea are committed to supporting organic tea cultivation, which is why all their organic teas are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.

Is Numi Organic Tea Fairtrade? 

Yes! In fact Numi Tea is a leading brand purchaser of Fairtrade certified teas, with more than half of their blends (and 80% of the raw ingredients they purchase) bearing the Fairtrade Certified label.

Is Numi Organic Tea gluten free?

Yes! All Numi Tea products are Gluten Free. These teas are packaged in facilities that do not process or come into contact with any gluten, soy, dairy, or Nut products.

Why should I choose Numi Tea?

If you're looking for a pure and authentic tea taste, then look no further than Numi's extensive selection of premium organic teas with herbs, real fruits, flowers and spices. Numi Organic Tea's contain biodegradable filter-paper tea bags rather than nylon or GMO-origin tea sachets and most elements of their product packaging can be recycled or composted too!

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