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Nourish: Grow. Cook. Enjoy!

Eating a varied whole Food diet is a crucial part of creating a healthy, whole you, which is why Nourish offer an extensive selection of wholefoods that work to 'nourish' you from the inside out. Nourish believe that food is a gift and is there not only to nourish you, but to be enjoyed. 

What are wholefoods?

Wholefoods refers to foods that are pure and as unprocessed as possible. Wholefoods include legumes, fruit, vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, grains and more. Whether you cut them, whisk them or bake them, they remain a wholefood that hasn’t been messed about with, other than to mix it with other naturally sourced ingredients (in the way that Nourish do!).

Is Nourish gluten free?

Yes! You will find that all Nourish products (below) are Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Is Nourish organic?

Yes! Nourish only use organic ingredients and belong to the Organic Food Federation.

Who can eat Nourish foods?

Nourish foods are suitable for everyone but may particularly benefit those with specific food intolerances. Remember that it is gradual changes, for some people changing their entire pantry is something they may want to do, but for others starting with changing one meal a day to be based around more whole-food is a massive positive step in starting to nourish their bodies from the inside out. 

Remember, food is to be enjoyed, and stressing about what you eat can often suffocate the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends, as well as do no favours for your hormone levels and nervous system. 

What makes Nourish different?

The key in all Nourish products is offer sources of food that are as close to what was once given to us by nature. After all, the more processed a food is, the less it resembles how it is in its natural form, and the less likely it is to have excellent nutritional value and be free of additives. Nourish foods have an excellent nutritional value and are free of additives & preservatives. They are free from refined sugars too, and are instead sweetened with the likes of dried fruits, Raw Honey, organic Maple Syrup, rice malt syrup or Coconut sugar.

Why should I choose Nourish foods?

Nourish started small but has always had big ambitions to provide people like you, with nutritious, delicious products. Made with simple, clean, easy to recognise ingredients, there is nothing on the Nourish Fit Food list of ingredients that you wouldn’t use in your own Kitchen. Nourish have been endorsed by dieticians & nutritionists, and supply training fuel to athletes and the players of Crystal Palace Football Club too!