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NKD Living

NKD Living

NKD Living: Premium Natural Sweeteners & Superfoods.

NKD Living supports your choice to live sugar-free, with an extensive selection of ethically sourced natural sugar replacements. If you're managing diabetes on a daily basis or wish to reduce your calories by just cutting out sugar, NKD Living supply Sugar Substitutes howver you want them: granulated, powdered, tablet or liquid.

Who are NKD Living?

NKD Living was formed in 2015 by two Swansea University School of Medicine graduates who are passionate about providing sweetener solutions to our growing sugar sensitive population. NKD Living's quest started began with a search for the most purest, most 'naked' product, with nothing added and nothing artificial. This was the spark that lit the fire, and as NKD Living discovered further scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of Superfoods, they continued their research and began to build working relationshios with the local communities that nurture them. NKD Living now work closely with farmers and local communities worldwide to ensure their products are of unrivalled quality.

Why do NKD Living use erythritol as a natural sugar replacement?

Erythritol is a natural sugar replacement that has been shown to be suitable for those following a low-FODMAP diet (many sugar replacements are high-FODMAP) . Erythritol is a sugar polyol that is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine, with only around 10% reaching the colon. For this reason, it doesn’t create the fermentation process that creates nasty digestive problems associated with high-FODMAP foods. And because erythritol is considered low-FODMAP, it can be consumed during all phases of the FODMAP diet, which may help to satisfy cravings, increase satiety and enable you to enjoy sweet foods without worrying about any side effects.

Is NKD Living organically certified?

Yes, NKD Living is soil association organic certified and 100% natural too!

Why should I replace replace sugar with natural sugar replacements?

High blood sugar levels have been shown to have a direct correlation with increased Anxiety. And because it’s so energy-dense, consuming sugar often overloads the Body with excess Energy that worsens symptoms of anxiety and associated conditions. By replacing your regular sugar with a natural sugar replacement, such as NKD Living, these effects are reversed!