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Nimble Babies

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Nimble Babies

Nimble Babies: Plant-based Baby Bottle Wash.

Milk fat and proteins are prone to attach to plastic like magnets. And because sterilising only kills the bugs and germs, they can quickly grow back when milk residues are still around. Nimble Babies Milk Buster works on all types of milk fat (including Formula Milk) and proteins by cleverly detaching them from all your baby's dishes and utensils. 

How do you use a nimble milk buster?

Nimble Spray is a clinically tested 'Milk Buster' that is specifically designed to detach milk fat and proteins from your Baby bottles. Simply add a little warm water into the bottle, spray Nimble Babies Milk Buster twice, brush and rinse thoroughly!

What is Nimble Milk Baster made of?

This special sulfate-free formula is pH balanced and made from the finest natural cleaning ingredients, derived from CoconutSugar and Amino Acids. It also includes plant-derived ingredients to remove water hardness and a special odour absorbing ingredient that gets rid of milk odour too!

How long does a bottle last?

One bottle of Nimble Babies Milk Buster may last up to two months of regular use.

Why does Nimble Babies Milk Buster have a strange smell?

Unlike conventional washing-up liquids, which are smothered with fragrances, Nimble Milk Buster does not contain any chemical fragrances. So that smell you may notice is simply the natural aroma of its plant-based cleaning ingredients.

Who owns nimble baby products?

Nimble was born alongside its founder’s (Von Sy) beautiful niece. The chemist in him was shocked by the harsh ingredients that her cleaning products contained. He vowed to do better. Now with three children of his own, Von Sy understands the challenges us parents face and it’s made him even more determined to deliver on safe cleaning products that are as gentle on our babies as they are on our planet.