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Neubria: Bright Mind Living.

True wellness means looking after yourself, both physically and mentally, which is why Neubria offer a range of natural Food Supplements that do just that. Neubria's range of products harness the true power of nature, using the most effective plant-based ingredients from around the globe. So whether you're looking to enhance your focus with Bacopa Monnieri and Rhodiola or improve your Sleep quality with Saffron and Lemon Balm, Neubria formulas all include bespoke blends to support your individual goals.

Who are Neubria?

Neubria was founded in the UK in 2018 by Jonny Kennedy, a former professional rugby player. After retiring from sport due to several concussions, Jonny noticed that there was a lack of trusted nutritional support for those interested in their physiological and cognitive health. Working alongside renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, nutrition and human performance, Jonny sought to develop a range of scientifically-backed, botanically-based products that were individually tailored to support key areas of health and performance. After years of research, Neubria was born in 2018.

Where do Neubria source their ingredients from?

From India and China to Peru and Siberia, Neubria have searched the globe for the most powerful botanical ingredients to help keep you firing on all cylinders.

Is Neubria vegan friendly?

Yes, the Neubria range is vegan friendly, with the exception of Neubria Krill.

Who can use Neubria?

The Neubria range caters to any individual suffering from Stress, Fatigue and Energy deprivation, a lack of focus, Memory loss, Low Mood and more.

Why should I choose Neubria?

Botanical ingredients have been used around the world for centuries, hailed for their healing powers and performance boosting properties. Neubria's unique botanical complexes bring the very best natural ingredients together to help support your health and performance goals.