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Native Unearthed

Native Unearthed

Native Unearthed: Effective natural deodorants. Inspired by kitchen based ingredients.

Native Unearthed offer a a range of fuss-free, natural Deodorants that have been inspired by Kitchen based ingredients you can trust. These award winning deodorants (below) have been developed for your most demanding days, for around the clock odour protection.

‘If you won't put it in you, Native Unearthed won’t put it on you'

Native Unearthed is simple, natural and clean, with all of the pizazz of regular deodorants but minus those chemical nasties. Each Native Unearthed product only contains high performance ingredients, like Shea Butter, antibacterial Coconut Oil and absorbent arrowroot.

Are Native Unearthed deodorants vegan friendly?

Yes! Native Unearthed's vegan & cruelty free formulas have been designed to provide odour protection without interfering with the natural perspiration process which is a normal Body function.

Why should I choose Native Unearthed deodorants?

Native Unearthed is founded on the ideals of simplicity and nature and they promise to stay that way. They also promise to;

  • Never to test their products on animals.
  • Never use ingredients derived from animals.
  • And always promise to use & select the finest ingredient for their products.