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Fast acting, Clinically Proven, Drug Free Germ & Virus Protection.

Nasaleze Travel Protection is a powder Nasal spray and an extension of the original Nasaleze Cold & Flu Blocker product, which provides maximum protection when you need it the most. Recycled air on trains and aeroplanes can easily spread germs and leave us vulnerable to catching a virus. Use Nasaleze Travel when you find yourself in high risk virus environments, such as public transport, to treat the cause of virus infections and prevent the symptoms.

Are you a frequent flyer, pilot, cabin crew or going abroad soon? 

You should know that in a clinical in vitro study it was proven that Nasaleze Travel was capable of significantly reducing the production of the flu A/H5N1 virus by infected cells over a period of 72 hours from just a single daily dose. This research suggests that Nasaleze Travel could be used as a preventative measure and a treatment option for this persistent viral infection.

So if you are planning a long haul flight to China or any of the other regions around the world impacted by the current Coronavirus outbreak, taking Nasaleze Travel straightaway or prior to boarding may prove to be a useful preventative measure. Of course avoidance of allergens in germ infested areas would greatly reduce this risk but considering today's modern and busy lifestyles, it is sometimes a too limiting way to live.

How does Nasaleze Travel work?

Powdered Nasaleze Travel turns to a gel when applied to the inside of your nose. This gel goes to work in less than 2 minutes, creating a barrier to shield and protect from airborne germs & viruses. 

Who can use Nasaleze Travel?

Nasaleze Travel is suitable for adults, athletes, pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as children over 3 years of age.

How often can I take Nasaleze Travel?

Nasaleze Travel can be taken as a preventative measure 2-3 times a day.

Why should I choose Nasaleze Travel?

Unlike many of the liquid nasal spray's Nasaleze Travel does not contain any active pharmaceutical ingredients such as steroids or anti-histamines so there is not a restriction on how many times it can be taken in the same way as drugs.