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Nannycare Ltd: Great Britain's first goat milk formula.

Please note: It's important to rememeber that breastfeeding is undoubtedly best for babies, however if you want to complement breastfeeding, or are ready to move on from it, you can use Nannycare in the same way as you would a cow’s milk formula. These nutritionally complete infant formulas have been clinically tested, regulated, safe and approved under UK and EU legislation, to provide you the parent with genuine, proven choice.

Over 25 years ago, Nannycare set out on a journey to make a Goat Milk formula, which was recognised here in the UK and overseas in Europe, as a nutritionally equivalent alternative to cow’s milk formula. Fast forward to 2014, and following clinical trials & submissions to the EFSA, Nannycare goat milk-based formula's were approved by UK and EU legislation and recognized as a nutritionally equivalent alternative to cow’s or soy-based formulas (Directive 2006/141 (EC) and equivalent UK legislation).

Is Nannycare organic?

The goat milk used to make Nannycare formulas is produced in New Zealand by a co-operative of farmers, to exceptionally high standards. These farmers share many of the same philosophies used in organic farming practices, minimising the use of veterinary drugs & agrichemicals. It should be noted however that at present Nannycare formulas are not labelled as ‘organic’.

Does Nannycare goat milk formula contain any added sugar?

There is no added sucrose, maltodextrin or glucose syrups in Nannycare goat milk formula. The form of carbohydrate in Nannycare is lactose only. This is the naturally occurring milk sugar in goat milk which is then enhanced by adding more lactose, bringing the total carbohydrate content in the formula to a level similar to that in human milk.

Is Nannycare suitable for babies with cow’s milk protein allergy or cow's milk intolerance?

Nannycare should not be given to infants with a Cows Milk protein allergy unless under the direction of a suitably qualified healthcare professional. If your baby has a minor feeding issue, it may be worth trying goat milk formula as an alternative but always consult your healthcare professional before doing this.

Why should I choose a goat milk baby formula for my little one?

The natural goodness of goat milk is an excellent base for infant and follow-on formula, providing high-quality protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals. Nannycare Formula Milk tastes mild and creamy too, without the aroma often associated with goat milk, so your baby should love its delicate flavour.

By using whole goat milk which includes the natural goat milk fat, Nannycare formulas offer optimum levels of all essential and semi-essential Amino Acids, without adding extra whey. They also reduce the need for the addition of synthetic vegetable Oils to make up the required fatty acid profile required by legislation. And by choosing to use whole goat milk, Nannycare can ensure that their formulas are made by a simple method requiring fewer processing steps than whey adjusted formulas.