My Happy Planet

My Happy Planet

My Happy Planet: 100% Biodegradable Plant & Water Wipes from Aquaint.

My Happy Planet offer a range of distinguised wipes, which are very pure, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and also completely eco-friendly. They contain 99.9% purified water, apple fruit extract (Skin conditioner) and Food grade / mild preservatives to ensure that the wipes remain uncontaminated once opened and during regular use.

Are My Happy Planet wipes plastic free?

Yes! My Happy Planet wipes are plastic-free and 100% biodegradable.

Are My Happy Planet wipes suitable for use on sensitive skin?

Yes! My Happy Planet wipes have been developed to be multipurpose and suitable for use from birth, on even the most delicate of skin types.

Why should I choose My Happy Planet wipes?

In the last decade there has been a 100% increase in the number of Baby Wipes and Facial Wipes that wash up on our beaches. Most wipes contain polyester, a type of non-biodegrable plastic that falls into the category of a 'single-use plastic' but My Happy Planet wipes are different, made using dispersible cellulose plant fibres.

By choosing to use My Happy Planet wipes, you're raising the bar and setting higher standards for others to follow. So choose My Happy Planet today and encourage everyone to be more aware of and responsible for the damage we do to our planet, and to life that exists on it.

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