Mr Organic

Mr Organic

Mr Organic: Delicious food that makes people happy!

Mr Organic is a young brand with a story that goes back three generations. For many years, Mr Organic  have been working with the same farmers near a production base in Pontinia, Italy to provide sustainable, wholesome and delicious Food that makes people healthy & happy!

Mr Organic are always mindful of their ingredients. They believe organic doesn’t just mean food free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, but also a way of living; – with respect and care for the nature and everyone involved in making their wholesome range of fresh-tasting food that is bursting with complete, utter goodness!

Is Mr Organic suitable for vegans & vegetarians?

Yes, Mr Organic is 100% vegan and therefore all Mr Organic foods can be enjoyed by both vegans & vegetarians.

Is Mr Organic free from genetically modified ingredients?

Yes, all Mr Organic food is GM free and free from MSG & citric acid too!

Is BPA contained within the packaging of Mr Organic tomato products?

All Mr Organic tomato tins are produced BPA free. You can easily tell these are BPA free, as they hold the green BPA free logo upon the packaging.

Do Mr Organic chocolate spreads contain palm oil?

No, there is no palm oil used in any Mr Organic product.

Are any chemicals used in the production of Mr Organic oils?

No, all Mr Organic Oils are cold-pressed by solely mechanical means.

Are there any nuts in Mr Organic pestos?

Only one Mr Organic pesto contains Nuts. This is Mr Organic Basil Pesto 130g, which contains Cashew Nuts.

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