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Mr Bean Chocolate

Mr Bean Chocolate

Mr Bean Chocolate - Premium chocolate. Ethically sourced.

Mr Bean has travelled the world in search of the most decadent and ethically sourced ingredients to create this premium Chocolate range. Unlike some regular chocolate bars, this ethically sourced chocolate is produced under ethical standards and priced in a way that provides the farmers & labourers who help to make it with a fair, living and sustainable wage. Each bar features a fine blend of Fairtrade, organic Cocoa beans from places like Papua New Guinea & the Dominican Republic, which give Mr Bean Chocolate depth and a rich full flavour.

Where is Mr Bean Chocolate made?

Mr Bean makes his creations in the chocolate capital of the world, Belgium. These products are certified by the Vegan Society to ensure they do not contain any animal base ingredients or components.

What type of packaging is used for Mr Bean chocolate?

Mr Bean Chocolate wrappers are made using plant based films which are certified home compostable. They are made from wood pulp from PEFC accredited forests that are sustainably managed (for every tree felled at least one more and up to three are regrown) and a bio-polymer which is derived from maize & cassava sourced from GMO free crops.