Mindful Bites

Mindful Bites: Innovative Snacks & Nut Butters inspired by Mindful Eating.

Mindful Bites incorporate Foods to support and nourish your entire Body encompassing key aspects of your being to bring harmony and wellness to your whole self. This unique range of Snacks have been inspired by mindful eating and are expertly engineered with carefully selected non-toxic ingredients and premium Superfoods that deliver the vital Nutrients your body requires for optimum wellbeing.

Feel fuller for longer with our satisfying snack range...

The texture of our Mindful Bites Snacks work to slow down the rate at which you eat. A combination of ingredients, such as Nut Butters, Chia Seeds and Quinoa sustain your Energy, satisfy your appetite, eliminate cravings and bring vitality to your body.

Why should I snack on Mindful Bites?

Quite simply, Mindful Bites are the nutritional boost your body needs for positive everyday living. They are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, yeast free, and do not contain any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. What sets Mindful Bites apart from other snack brands is the inclusion of the high quality superfoods that are specifically chosen to enhance not only the nutrition properties of these snacks but also the sensorial experience they provide too!

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