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Matcha Now

Matcha Now: Delivering you fresh & organic Matcha anywhere, anytime.

Matcha Now offers you pure organic, ceremonial grade Matcha wherever you are and whenever you want it. Unlike other pre-mixed drinks, the fresh organic Matcha in Matcha Now is stored dry in the cap preserving it's potency and health benefits. Simply twist to break the seal and the powder is released into the water, shake and enjoy!

What is Matcha?

Matcha is the king of all Green Teas, which is grown like green tea, but prior to picking, is shaded from light which causes it to release higher amounts of chlorophyll and Antioxidants to its leaves. The leaves are then plucked carefully and ground down to produce a fine powder.

Unlike regular Tea, Matcha Green Tea has never been steeped in water so it retains all of its Nutrients. Importantly, its secret ingredient, L-Theanine.

Why Matcha, not Coffee?

Caffeine in Matcha is very different to Coffee in many ways, apart from being rich in antioxidants, it contains the beautiful and natural L-Theanine, an Amino Acid found naturally in green teas. It binds with the caffeine steadying its release into your system, giving you a consistent flow of Energy instead of the highs and crashes of coffee. This can naturally improve your focus and stamina.

Why should I choose Matcha Now over the other Matcha brands?

Unlike many of the other premixed Matcha products which are already oxidised and lose their potency, Matcha Now’s patented cap technology ensures the ceremonial grade, organic Matcha inside each and every bottle remains in its purest state.

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