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Master Cafe

Master Cafe

Master Cafe - Naturally sweetened iced coffee cans

Master Cafe Iced Coffee is real iced Coffee at its very bestDesigned to have the perfect balance of creaminess, hydration and natural sweetness, this range consists of a high water and low dairy ratio, which brings out their intense coffee flavours but yet are still delightfully refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Who is the Master Cafe?

The Master Cafe part of the Snax Emporium, which was established in 2019 to source high quality products that are brand new to the UK. Their story began with the discovery of Iced Coffee in Cyprus, which was notably delicious and refreshing, balanced in sweetness and low in both dairy and calories. It was once considered to be the type of product missing from the UK drinks market but is now a firm favourite by regular Natures Healthbox customers. And in their first six months of trading Master Cafe Iced Coffee products we were promptly recognised at Lux Life’s ‘Best Iced Coffee Supplier Awards 2020, in London.

What is the target audience for Master Cafe iced coffee?

Master Cafe originally launched into the UK market after the first UK lockdown happened, and were given to frontline NHS hospital staff in the hope of providing them with a small pick me up during the toughest of times. Since then it is said that the range is targeted at a hard to reach 25-40 year old audience, who wish to say goodbye to fake-shakes and instead consider a naturally sweetened product that acts as a compact pocket rocket with substantial levels of refreshment and Energy

How does iced coffee work?

Simply choose from either Master Cafe Iced Coffee - Classico Flavour 240mlMaster Cafe Iced Coffee - Latte Flavour 240ml or Master Cafe Iced Coffee - Mocha Flavour 240ml and shake the can to activate its flavours and subtle, delicious creaminess.