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Lucy's Dressings

Lucy's Dressings

What are Lucy's Dressings?

Lucy's Dressings are award winning Dressings inspired in Lucy's family kitchen in Suffolk, using her own unique recipes. Suffolk is where the idea for Lucy's Dressings originated from and many of the recipes were thought up in this beautiful, British countryside. 

How are the Dressings made?

Many of Lucy's Dressings are made with Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil which is much lower in saturated fats than Olive oil and means that you can cook with these dressings (below) too.

Do Lucy's Dressings contain any additives or preservatives?

No. Lucy's Dressings guarantee that no nasties are added into their dressings and condiments, so they taste just how you’d make them at home.

Why should I choose Lucy's Dressings?

We’re all told we need to eat our greens, which is all well & good but sometimes it just gets a bit boring!

Lucy's Dressing transform simple fresh Ingredients into something a little more exciting and delicious. They take pride in the ingredients that go into their dressings because they believe that with better ingredients you, the consumer, get a better tasting product. 

And, from day 1 Lucy’s Dressings have been lucky enough to win 10 Great Taste Awards, as well as the top spot in best healthy Salad Dressings as awarded by Women’s Health Magazine in 2017.