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Loma Linda

Loma Linda

Loma Linda: Sustainable Plant Based Protein since 1890.

Loma Linda offer a unique line of products (below) which serve every taste and dietary need. Affordable, sustainable, and healthy, Loma Linda's shelf-stable sources of protein are full of bold, inspiring flavours and beloved traditional recipes.

How might Loma Linda foods benefit my body?

Consuming plant-based Foods such as Loma Linda's might;

  • Contribute to a longer lifespan.
  • Contribute to a lower mortality rate.
  • Help prevent, reverse and manage diabetes.

Are Loma Linda tins and pouches BPA Free?

Yes! Loma Linda tins and pouches are BPA Free.

Is Loma Linda gluten free?

Most Loma Linda products are Gluten Free unless they have a declaration of wheat upon the product packaging. However, with that said, Loma Linda products are made in a factory that contains gluten, so they do not make the claim of gluten-free on the label and recommend that individuals with a severe gluten sensitivity avoid Loma Linda products.

Where are Loma Linda products made?

Loma Linda is part of Atlantic Natural Foods, who create, manufacture, and distribute high quality plant-based foods from Nashville, USA.