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Locako - The No. 1 choice for Health and Nutrition foods

Locako was, and still is, Australia’s founding and market-leading keto and low-carb brand. As a pioneer in the health & nutrition market, they want everyone to think better, perform better and feel better, each and every day.

What do they make?

They produce different low carb, clean, healthy and nutritious products, such as gelatin gummies to Coffee creamers. Providing quality zero-sugar products is Locako’s mission to ensure being healthy is not a chore but a way of life.

What makes Locako stand out?

They are known for their great flavours and innovative products that challenge the status quo. They have rapidly grown into a trusted brand with a strong consumer base. Their Collagen is pasture raised and sourced from cows that have grown up with grass and are free to roam, and their MCT oil powder is extracted through distillation without any chemicals or solvents.

How did the Locako brand start?

Mum-of-two Ally Mellor founded the company in 2017 with a promise to never use anything but the cleanest, healthiest ingredients, no matter how far away she had to go to get them. The idea for Locako came about when Ally went on a trip to the US and uncovered all the options for the low-carb keto diet she was on, due to personal health issues. Unlike in her native Australia, she noted that these American options primarily featured collagen. Ally returned to Sydney determined to start a business centred around the keto diet, and started selling her first home-made, collagen products at markets on the Bondi beach. It wasn’t until the coronavirus pandemic hit, however, that some of her products really took off. Namely the collagen bars, which propelled Ally’s little start-up business to grow to a $1 million turnover. Woolworths (remember them!) Australia soon came calling after, and it wasn’t long before Ally was back in her kitchen creating two new collagen snack bars to line their shop shelves with. Since then the brand has grown exponentially, and Locako has now also embraced the health & beauty market with a range of ‘inner beauty’ bites.

Who is Locako’s target audience?

Their products are ideal for those following a low-carb diet, or those who live a true keto lifestyle. They also maintain a broader appeal to everyone wanting a healthy and low-sugar snack alternative.