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LithoLexal: Marine Plant Extracts for Healthy Bones & Joints.

LithoLexal is a range of marine plant extract Supplements which are clinically formulated to support bone strength & health, improve collagen formation & Joint function, and reduce the loss of bone mineral in post menopausal women. Each LithoLexal product contains a unique marine derived Calcium ingredient that is more easily digested than the rock-based calcium found in generic calcium supplements.

Which LithoLexal supplement is right for me?

Litholexal Advanced Joint Health 60 Tablets have been formulated for both men & women of all ages, and supports natural collagen formation and the development of cartilage.

Litholexal Osteoporotic for Bone Health 60 Tablets help to maintain normal bone health, which helps to reduce the risk of falling (a condition of bone fractures among men & women 60+ years) associated with muscle weakness & postural instability.

Litholexal Elemental Bone Care 60 Tablets provide Vitamin D and a bioavailable source of calcium that supports the natural development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones in women aged twenty years to the menopause.

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