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KIND Organic

KIND Organic

Kind Organic: Natural sanitary products founded by women for women.

In today's modern world it should surely be easier for women to put the needs of their body first with a kinder, more natural product. With many mainstream sanitary products containing unnecessary perfumes, added artificial absorbents and plastics, Kind Organic is keen to raise awareness of the natural alternatives that have been developed to be kind to a woman's sensitive skin. 

Is Kind Organic perfume free?

Yes, absolutely! All Kind Organic products come with the promise of no artificial absorbents or perfumes.

What are the benefits of organic tampons?

Extensive research has concluded that Kind Organic's natural sanitary products are not only kind to women’s skin but also kind to the environment and kind to farmers too! And with an estimated 50% of women suffering in the UK alone, with skin sensitivity, this organic range of tampons, pads & panty liners are clinically proven non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin & hypoallergenic.

Are organic tampons really better?

Yes, we think so! Kind Organic pads, tampons and liners are Fairtrade and farm friendly. They are made without the use of harmful chemicals too, and the certified organic cotton used can be grown alongside Food crops that feed the surrounding farming communities 

Why should women switch to Kind Organic?

Unlike many of the organisations that produce and market intimate products for women, Kind Organic was founded by two women (Kate & Steph), so notably have women at the very core of their manufacturing processes. Their selection of tampons (above) combines certified organic cotton with a Smart-Weave design for effective protection and long-lasting comfort.