Kiki Health

Kiki Health

Kiki Health: Dietary & beauty products for optimum health & well being.

Kiki Health encompasses a range of green Superfoods, Essential Fatty Acids, Probiotics, Minerals, Cacao Powders, CBD Oil and natural Beauty & Skincare products. This extensive product selection is based on an overall power to Cleanse, detoxify, heal and nourish your Body.

Who are Kiki Health?

Kiki Health is the brand behind a host of innovative optimum Food Supplements that are made from 100% raw, plant-based ingredients. Born out of a desire to promote optimum health & wellbeing, Kiki Health believes in adding only the purest of Ingredients with the highest potency available. All ingredients are meticulously chosen and ethically processed to preserve and maximise the beneficial and powerful elements, ensuring unsurpassed bioavailability.

Is Kiki Health organic?

Yes! All Kiki Health products are either organic or wild crafted and grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers. In fact Kiki Health does not compromise their products with inexpensive fillers and synthetics in any way whatsoever.

Is Kiki Health vegan and/or vegetarian friendly?

Yes! All Kiki Health products are suitable for both vegetarians & vegans.

Do Kiki Health products contain any fillers or artifical ingredients?

No! Kiki Health products are 100% natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers.

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