Kiin Bee Pearl

Kiin Bee Pearl with Bee Bread Extract - 30 Capsules are a unique Superfood packed with proteins, Vitamins and Minerals. Each vegetarian friendly capsule is made from the highest quality 100% pure and natural bee bread gathered from the pristine wild meadows in Latvia.

Wait, what is bee bread?

Bee bread is a unique and completely natural product that bees make from Bee Pollen, Honey, bee enzymes, and bee wax during the the summer. It is a much richer and more nutritious food source to bees than honey, and it is estimated that baby bees who feed on it can grow astonishingly fast. In fact, many scientists believe that the bodyweight of a baby bee fed on bee bread can increase by a thousand times in the space of just two or three days.

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How does bee bread differ to bee pollen?

Bee bread has a long history of use, dating back to the ancient Greek times, where it was often referred to as the ‘elixir of life’ because it was believed to provide Immune Support & boost stamina. Bee pollen has a hardcover that precludes humans from digesting it easily. Research has shown that only around 40% of the Other Nutrients contained in bee pollen can be absorbed by the human Body. The fermentation process involved in the formation of bee bread results in humans being able fully to digest the nutrients it contains, and what's more this process (and other chemical processes) expels the allergens contained in bee pollen and forms other beneficial ingredients not otherwise present in bee pollen. These include Essential Fatty AcidsAmino Acids, and vitamins.

What can Kiin Bee Pearl do for my health?

Kiin Bee Pearl capsules are packed with nutrients that may help protect the body against diseases, slow down the aging process, and regulate Blood Pressure.

Does Kiin extract their bee bread ethically?

Yes, absolutely! Bees make more bee bread than they require. Kiin beekeepers extract only the surplus bee bread from hives, ensuring that they always leave enough to sustain their bees through the winter. These bees are raised in humane, cruelty-free conditions too!

Why should I choose Kiin?

Being healthy means understanding what nature can offer and bees certainly understand that. For the last 80 years, Kiin have studied the fantastic life inside of beehives to create Kiin Bee Pearl with the power of nordic nature. Kiin Bee Pearl can be used by anyone too but is especially beneficial for women during Pregnancy, young children, the eldery, and those who are highly physically active or prone to Stress.

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