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Kib Tea

Kib Tea

Kib Tea: Planet-positive & flavour-forward herbals teas.

These days, most of our Food systems are pretty linear: they're all about what we can get out of the planet now, and not about what we might want and need in the future. But Kib Tea are part of a movement that's reimagining life on this planet by embracing circular systems and ways of growing that give back as much as they take. The idea of circularity is built into everything. The Herbs & Spices used in Kib Teas are grown in a regenerative way, which creates better soil, better plants and better flavour. Even the product packaging is compostable or recyclable so it can keep circulating instead of going to landfil.

What is considered an herbal tea?

A herbal tea is a Hot Beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs & spices in hot water.  All the herbs used in our Kib Herbal Teas are grown organically, without the use of chemicals or pesticides and in compliance with EU organic standards. The sustainable, circular approach that Kib Tea uses, means that they work with hundreds of smallholder farms to grow their herbs, and as they grow, so does their number of partner farms. With new farms onboarded each year, Kib Tea will always have some farms who are officially certified as EU Organic and some who are still pursuing certification.

Is Kib Tea gluten free?

Yes! Our entire selection of Kib Teas, below, are Gluten Free.

Is Kib Tea caffeine free?

Yes! All Kib Teas are naturally caffeine-free because each blend is free from camellia sinensis (the 'tea plant' & source of caffeine found in more traditional teas).

What are the benefits of drinking herbal tea?

All of Kib Herbal Teas taste as amazing hot as they do cold. Their health benefits can be contributed to the vast amount of Vitamins and Antioxidants found within them, which are notably thought to provide Immune Support among other varying benefits.