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Jersey Hemp CBD

Jersey Hemp CBD

Jersey Hemp CBD - Premium CBD To Support Your Wellbeing

Jersey Hemp is a trusted CBD brand and the leading hemp and CBD producers in the Channel Islands. They publish third party lab reports, use high quality organic British-grown hemp, and develop the best British-grown pure CBD possible. Grown and gathered within the British Isles, they are proud to hold to the industry’s highest standards when it comes to the cultivation, extraction and production of the best CBD Oil that nature has to offer. 

Is hemp the same as CBD?

Please read our two blogs 'CBD Oil FAQ's' and ‘CBD vs CBG: What is the difference?’ to find out more about hemp, CBD, CBG, and their purported health benefits.

Why does Jersey Hemp CBD stand out?

They’re an authentic team of dedicated scientists, researchers, agricultural experts and environmentalists, so when it comes to buying CBD oil online with confidence look no further than Jersey Hemp. They put the utmost care into creating pure CBD oil products too, with all of them tested by third party laboratories for cannabinoid concentrations, pesticide and microbial & heavy metal contamination. Their organic hemp cultivation creates an abundance of benefits to their customers as well as the environment we all live in. 

From the island’s soil to the CBD supplements derived from their hemp crops, Jersey Hemp CBD are dedicated to producing high-quality products and innovative solutions to soil rejuvenation in Jersey.

Who created the Jersey Hemp CBD brand?

The Jersey Hemp story stems from a passion for improving the environment. Since it’s early days, the team at Jersey Hemp have always worked closely with local government officials and agricultural experts to ensure hemp production can positively flourish. It was in 2013, that three full-time firefighters from Jersey were researching the combustion of different building materials. Through this research, they came across ‘Hempcrete’, a revolutionary sustainable building material made from the woody core of the hemp plant. Hempcrete possesses excellent fire resistant properties, and so became the highlight of their research.

Fast forward ten years and they are in the business of bringing high-quality produce to customers in Jersey and abroad by developing PCR (phytocannabinoid rich) CBD oils and nutrient dense hemp seed oils without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other agricultural chemicals.

What types of products do they make?

From Jersey Hemp British Grown 2000mg CBD Oil 20ml to Jersey Hemp 1000mg CBG Oil 10ml, nothing compares to Jersey Hemp CBD. You can trust that you are buying natural products that are free from toxins, pesticides and other nasty stuff.