Jackson & Willow

Jackson & Willow

Jackson & Willow: Natural care for kids' Hair.

Jackson & Willow provides parents and kids with a natural and effective Hair washing routine designed to care for waves, ringlets, corkscrews, kinks and coils. Curls are fabulous in all shapes and sizes, but often suffer from tangles, frizz and dryness. That’s were Jackson & Willow's moisturising Hair Care products come in. Each product contains a unique formula that’s ultra-light on cleansing and seriously high on hydration, for fast detangling, deep conditioning and healthy hair growth.

'If it’s good enough to eat, surely your kids' hair must love it too'

Jackson & Willow shampoos and conditioners are filled with a delicious blend of natural ingredients, including super-veg Okra – a dab hand at detangling – raw Coconut Oil, organic Shea Butter, avocado, Calendula, Lavender, Sage and Rosemary to leave curls soft, silky and nourished (and smelling nice too). With all this natural goodness, there’s no room for hair-dulling nasties like sulphates.

What's in the Jackson & Willow range?

Jackson & Willow provides a sulphate free Shampoo, detangling Conditioner and a leave-in conditioner to add definition and shine. All of these products are silicone-free.

Where are Jackson & Willow hair care products made?

Jackson & Willow products are made in Hampshire, England in small batches.

Are Jackson & Willow hair care products vegan friendly?

Yes! The entire Jackson & Willow range is 100% vegan, certified organic, Gluten Free and cruelty free too!

Is there an adult range of Jackson & Willow products?

No, not at the moment. But but in the meantime the Jackson & Willow range works really well on all types of hair (and ages) demands, whether, dry, tangly, fine, unruly, curly, brittle, tired or damaged hair.

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