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Iswari: Healthy Superfood Solutions.

Iswari is a Portuguese brand that offers a wide range of products known as Superfoods, which are high in fat soluble Vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements. These micronutrients have high health benefits which nourish your Body and support its natural equilibrium.

In total there are 51 Iswari products currently available, which are distributed in to 6 six categories: Breakfast, Detox, Protein, Macaccinos, Pure Superfoods, Snacks and Toppings. All of these superfoods are Gluten Free, Fairtrade, and respectively certified by both the Vegan Society Trademark and Portuguese Celiac Association (APC). Most of Iswari is organically certified too, where possible, or wild crafted from regions free from pollution and excessive in their use of chemical pesticides.

Why Iswari?

Iswari means "goddess" in the ancient language of Sanskrit and it is this goddess that guides the mark and its principles: Health, Taste & Wisdom. Iswari superfoods are:

  • Low GI.
  • Minimally processed.
  • Raw Foods where possible.
  • Organic or wild crafted where possible .
  • Vegan, with the exception of bee products 
  • Foods that help adapt to Stress and the unnatural environments in which many finds themselves living.

Within the Iswari superfood range you will notice the use of high quality artisan, and cultural foods of all kinds. From Raw Chocolate to ingredients for smoothies, salads and other delicious raw delicacies.These foods are appealing to all the senses, taste, touch, smell & vision, and lead the way in innovation in terms of taste, uniqueness & practically.

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