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Humble Brush

Humble Brush

Humble Brush Co

Who are the Humble Brush Company? Humble Brush believe in high-quality, sustainable products that are good for you and kind to our planet. Based in Sweden, their extensive selection of reliable and innovative Dental Care products are designed by Swedish dentists for those conscious and curious consumers who want appealing products without compromising quality and performance.

Is the Humble Brush Co. vegan?

Yes, the Humble Brush Co. is vegan and free from harmful chemicals too!

Is the Humble Brush Co. organic?

Yes, the Humble Brush Co. is certified organic and FDA approved.

Tell me more about the Humble Co Tooth Brush:

The Humble Brush is a unique range of hand-made Toothbrushes presented in a wide selection of different colours and sizes, which are suitable for both adults and Children. With a beautiful and simple design, Humble's range of ecological toothbrushes have a biodegradable handle made from Bamboo naturally grown and harvested in mainland China. This bamboo is naturally antibacterial which means that there is no need to use fertilisers or pesticides during its cultivation

Humble Toothbrushes are an excellent alternative to those mass produced plastic toothbrushes, and will last just as long. Furthermore, for every toothbrush sold, Humble Brush donate the equivalent amount of one to those underprivileged children living in remote communities Why would you ever want to buy a plastic toothbrush again? Stop plastics. Be Humble.

What other dental products do the Humble Brush offer?

Along with the aforementioned toothbrushes, which are made in China, the Humble Brush Co. also offer toothpaste and chewing gum, which is made in Germany, as well as Dental Floss and toothpaste tablets - a convenient & sustainable alternative to toothpaste brought to you by Swedish dentists.

Why should I choose the Humble Brush Company?

Around the world, Scandinavian design is admired for its simplicity and efficiency. This has extended into efficient and environmentally conscious manufacturing, distribution and aftercare. The Humble Brush Co. is proud of its Swedish origins and influence on the design and development of our products. These products are circulating around the world, and are available today at thousands of stores, dental clinics, and right here at Natures Healthbox.