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Hempur: Plant-Based Empowerment.

Hempur is a Swedish plant-based company on a mission to create sustainable daily use products in harmony with nature. For every product labelled with ”Buy one, Plant one” symbol, Hempur plant a tree, for a better world for all of us!

What do Hempur make?

Hempur make Toilet Roll paper, Kitchen Roll, pocket tissues & facial tissues, all from Bamboo!

What is bamboo tissue?

Hempur pocket & facial tissues utilise the world's fastest growing plant, bamboo, to create a more eco-friendly and Skin friendly tissue compared to the regular brands, which are often made from recycled materials or tree pulp.

Is bamboo toilet paper better?

Yes! Since it’s made out of bamboo, the world’s fastest growing grass, Hempur Bamboo Toilet Paper is way better for the environment than traditional toilet paper. Bamboo also needs 98% less water than required for the production of toilet paper made out of trees.

Are bamboo paper towels eco friendly?

Yes, absolutely! Bamboo creates 30% more oxygen, is world’s fastest growing grass and can be harvested every year without being replanted. This is the opposite to conventional tree, since it takes 50-60 years for trees to grow and after the trees has been harvested the root system dies.

Why should I choose Hempur?

Hempur's main goal is to provide exceptionally beautiful daily use products in harmony with nature. Their intention is to make it easy for people to choose quality without compromising their values. By choosing Hempur products you will be reminded that small changes can create a big impact, not only today but for generations to come. This is why Hempur cherish design, sustainability and super plants.