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Head East Vitamins

Head East Vitamins

The No. 1 Choice For Sustainably Sourced Vitamins & Probiotics


Head East offers high quality, sustainably sourced products that promote physical and mental wellbeing. They source the very best ingredients to ensure that they produce high quality, fully certified and sustainable Supplements.

What do Head East produce?


Epsom bath salts made from 100% pure Magnesium sulphate and a range of Vitamins that are manufactured to exacting standards in a modern, fully certified production facility. Their expertly formulated Probiotics nourish your gut microbiome to support and enhance your overall wellbeing.

What makes the Head East brand stand out?


The guiding principle behind their branding is nature’s Golden Ratio. This symmetrical configuration can be seen widely across the natural world, and found in shells, flowers and the human body. The Golden Ratio represents the beauty, balance and power of nature but also Head East's dedication to achieving balance, health and success. It is also a reminder of the strong foundation that Head East products have within the natural world. These products do not include any sugar, preservatives, sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours. They are presented in bottles made from sugar cane too, meaning that they are 100% biodegradable. In fact, these bottles are a truly environmentally friendly game-changer compared to traditional supplement packaging. The carbon footprint of these bottles is 75% lower than conventional plastic bottles and 90% lower than glass. 

What city is head east from?


They are based in London, England, however their supplements are manufactured at two state of the art, fully certified facilities in Oxford and Yorkshire.

Who Is Head East's target audience?


They are ideal for ethical, sustainable, and environmentally aware individuals, who are always on the look-out for ways to reduce waste and minimise their impact on the planet. They support those with physically demanding, and active lifestyles too, and being sugar free, support those on a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan.